GigaPan's Find The Groundhog Challenge

Familiar with Where's Waldo, the find-the-hidden-object game popular with kids? Portland's Gigapan has launched its own version of the game, with a "Find the Groundhog" game that uses its technology to challenge Internet users to find a groundhog hidden in a massive picture of Portland's skyline. GigaPan Systems said its hidden groundhog is hiding somewhere in its gigapixel image of Portland's Skyline--all embedded in extreme detail, via its ultra high resolution photos. GigaPan is taking technology originally designed at NASA to the commercial market, which allows users to create and view extreme high resolution photos using special software and robotic camera mounts, which stitches together thousands and thousands of photos into one, gigantic, highly detailed, 360 degree photos. Gigapan's high resolution skyline shows Portland in excruciating detail, making finding that groundhog quite a challenge.