CareSimple Launches To Let You Talk To Doctors, Nurses Via Skype, Webcam

How do you more easily connect with a doctor or nurse about your health? A new service, CareSimple from Seattle-based Carena, is looking to make talking to a doctor or nurse as easily as calling them up on Skype. Accordin to Carena, its new CareSimple medical service will provide access to doctors and nurse practitioners 24/7 via phone and webcam. The service--which is currently limited to only Washington State and California--is aimed at answering medical questions for users, who might otherwise not need to make a trip to the doctor's office.

According to Carena, the service is aimed at helping to diagnose and treat everyday healthcare issues like the flu, bladder and sinus infections, or rashes, and is specifically aimed at helping users get answers to their health questions, particularly those not serious enough for an office visit or trip to the ER.

Carena said its service will be membership-based, and cost $35 per month for families and $25 per month for individuals; members will also pay per visit for access to a doctor. The company is offering up a first time visit for $10 for an appointment.