Cheezburger: Would You Like An API With That?

What do software application interfaces and programming have to do with Internet humor? Apparently, a lot. Seattle-based Cheezburger Network has just released an application programming interface (API) with Apigee, allowing third party developers to tap into Cheezburger's stream of Internet-memes, funny cat pictures, and more. Apigee helps companies to create and maintain APIs and work with developers. The two said they've been working together to help distribute the latest internet memes from Cheezburger's site, both for internal and third party development. Among the goals with the new API is to make it easier for third party software developers to submit funny content to Cheezburger, powering a "Cheezburger button" in their application to send content to the humor site. Cheezburger's new API is available on a new developer site.