Code Fellows Aims At Training Engineers, Staffing Seattle Startups

Code Fellows, a new program co-founded by Andy Sack (Founder's Co-Op and TechStars Seattle) and Brad Bouse, has a new mission: train people in software coding, and help fill engineering roles in Seattle. The new group emerged this week, saying it will be holding training courses aimed at helping to qualify people for engineering positions, and will guarantee they get a job paying at least $60,000 or they'll get their money back. The group-which is charging $4,000 for its courses, starting with one focused on Ruby-On-Rails--came through the frustration of Sack and Bouse on hearing at TechStars that Seattle companies were having a hard time finding qualified engineers. The new program initial, 4-week "boot camp" is focused on Ruby On Rails, with the idea that participants will be fully qualified in the technology and will find a job rapidly--or they'll get their money back.


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