Fledge Takes On Socially Conscious Startup Incubation

Looking to apply the startup accelerator models pioneered by TechStars and YCombinator to socially conscious companies, Seattle-based Fledge said this week that it has launched a new incubator/accelerator aimed at fostering "conscious" companies. The new accelerator, which is headed by Michael Libes, said it hopes to spur environmentally conscious, energy conscious, health conscious, and other similar business startups, using the TechStars recipe. The incubator said it will choose 7 to 10 applicants per class, providing a small amount of funding, colocating teams, and providing mentoring to those companies. Libes' previous startups are Ground Truth, Medio Systems, forma, 2WAY, and Nimble. He's also Entrepreneur in Residence at the University of Washington Center for Commercialization.