iovation: Online Daters Increasingly Mobile

Iovation, the Portland-based security software firm which uses device reputation to prevent online fraud and abuse, said today that it has run the numbers on the online dating sites it is protecting, and found that 15 percent of all transactions and activities were from mobile devices. The firm said that's a 65 percent increase from 2011. Iovation said that the most popular device were Android phones, with 49 percent of all mobile transactions, followed by iPhones, with 25 percent, iPads, with 16 percent, and finally, BlackBerry phones, with 4 percent of mobile transactions.

Iovation's services are used by online services to help prevent fraud and abuse, by tracking the reputation of individual devices. The online dating stats come as a side effect of the firm providing its services to a number of online dating sites. The company's service hinges on its community of sites, which help it flag and detect devices which have been used for fraudulent transactions on its network of partners, so that other sites can prevent similar issues on their own services.


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