Pacific Northwest Should Target Cleantech, Says Study

A study, published by Clean Edge and Climate Solutions, claims that the clean technology sector is one of the best opportunities for sustained economic vitality and job growth in the Pacific Northwest. According to the study from Clean Edge and Climate Solutions, the five clean-energy sectors that provide the best opportunities for Oregon and Washington are solar PV manufacturing, wind power development, green building design services, sustainable bioenergy, and smart grid technology. The study, "Carbon-Free Prosperity 2025," said the industries could create up to 63,000 new jobs in the region, which would match the employment of the area at its height as a chip manufacturing center. Among recommendations by the two groups are ramping up public investment in clean technology funds; providing clean energy tax credits; and passing green building codes. Clean Edge is a publisher focused on the clean technology area; Climate Solutions is a nonprofit focused on accelerating solutions to global warming.


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