Seattle Startup Fishes For Smartphone Fishfinder

How's this for the latest smartphone add-on: a Bluetooth enabled fish finder? A Seattle startup, ReelSonar has just launched an effort on the crowdsourcing site Indiegogo, to raise funds to create a Bluetooth-enabled fish finding device, which will provide fisherman with an inexpensive way to find fishing under the water and transmit that data to a users' smartphone. The project--created by Alexander Lebedev, who helped co-found Mirabilis Medica and JeNu Biosciences, two ultrasound companies here in Seattle--said its goal is to help provide the functionality of more expensive fishfinders with the convenience, community, and affordability of mobile apps. So far, the company has only raised $817 towards a $70,000 goal for the project, which looks to use a "smart bobber" attached to a fishing line to send out data to Android and iOS devices.


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